2019 Toyota C-HR vs 2019 Nissan Kicks


The 2019 Toyota C-HR in review against the 2019 Nissan Kicks shows that once you delve deeper, there's no question which is the better compact. The Kicks definitely wins if base price (and base equipment) are all that matter to you. If you're after looks, fun, and great versatility, though, the C-HR wins the game.

The 2019 Nissan Kicks is, essentially, an economy car designed to look like a crossover. The C-HR is an expressive, fun compact crossover with comfort and quality as core values alongside its head-turning looks and solid versatility.

2019 Toyota C-HR Features 2019 Nissan Kicks
2.0L 4cyl, 144 hp Base Engine 1.6L 4cyl, 122 hp
7.6 l/100km (hwy) Fuel Economy 6.5 l/100km
5 Max. Passenger Total 5
263.9 cm Wheelbase 262 cm
1,031 liters Max Cargo Volume 914.6 liters
No Drum Brakes (rear)? Yes
50 liters Fuel Tank Capacity 40.8 liters
10.4 m/td> Turning Radius 10.4 m
17-inch Standard Wheel Size 16-inch

Safety and Tech

Both vehicles have somewhat comparable crash test ratings and similar safety expectations. It is of note that the C-HR scores a bit better on some important crash tests like frontal and side passenger tests. The C-HR comes standard with advanced safety technologies such as forward collision avoidance and standard adaptive cruise control. The Kicks includes only basic crash avoidance tech. The C-HR also comes standard with more power outlets, an auto-dimming rearview mirror, and more.

Power and Efficiency

A side-by-side comparison of the 2019 Toyota C-HR's specs and those of the 2019 Kicks illustrates this well.

The above specifications show that the 2019 Toyota C-HR specs and those of the 2019 Nissan Kicks are very similar. The larger engine of the C-HR, it's stronger output, and its larger fuel tank are considerations for those looking for peppiness around town, good highway driving, and less time spent at the pump. Cargo volume in the C-HR is also superior to that of the Kicks, making it more useful, and the drum brakes on the back of the Nissan could be a safety concern in inclement weather.

Performance Features

Most telling, according to our customers, is the difference in style between the two crossovers. The Toyota C-HR has a fun-filled, smart, and very edgy style about it that the Kicks just doesn't compete with. So beyond the better accoutrements inside the C-HR, it's also got much more going for it in terms of head-turning looks. Everything about the 2019 Toyota C-HR announces fun intentions.

It's also interesting to note drive quality differences between the two crossovers. The Nissan Kicks has a smaller wheelbase than the Toyota C-HR, but both have the same turning radius and similar metrics otherwise. The Toyota's wider, lower stance, however, plays into its handling characteristics to give it more personality. Unlike the more bare-bones Kicks, the C-HR feels sportier and more upscale in both drive appeal and fitment.


When comparing these two options side-by-side, it's clear that the Toyota C-HR is the better value. Come into Toyota Northwest and see a 2019 Toyota C-HR in Edmonton today.