A Look into the All-New, Premium & Powerful 2023 Sequoia

February 15th, 2022 by

The Sequoia has always been the crown jewel of Toyota’s SUV lineup since it was first introduced all the way back in 2001. Now, 20 or so years later, the Sequoia has been upgraded to meet the needs of today’s driver. The third-generation Sequoia has undergone a complete redesign and the 2023 models are truly worthy of the “all-new SUV” designation. A variety of new features help the 2023 Sequoia stand out from the rest, starting with its very powerful twin-turbo V6 hybrid i-FORCE MAX powertrain. This is the same powertrain that first debuted on the 2022 Tundra, producing 437 horsepower and 583 lb.-ft. of torque. The i-FORCE MAX isn’t just powerful, but it’s also been cleverly engineered to include a unique motor generator within the bell housing between the twin-turbo engine and the 10-speed automatic transmission. You can expect nothing but the best performance and amazing efficiency. Fuel economy estimates are not available at this time, but the i-FORCE MAX’s output it is expected to be extremely competitive at the top of the segment which is a huge improvement over the previous generation.
The SUV segment is a demanding one, with people expecting more and more from their vehicles. With that in mind, the Sequoia has been designed to handle a multitude of tasks in stride. Rooted in a modern body-on-frame chassis with a fully boxed frame that it shares with the all-new Tundra. This ensures that the Sequoia is built strong with the core objective of providing excellent handling, supreme comfort, and impressive capability. The engineering team responsible for this next-generation frame increased rigidity and improved overall ride comfort by utilizing new techniques, such as new laser welding technology that helps reduce mass and weight in areas it’s not needed while reinforcing the areas that need it most. The Sequoia features an independent front suspension and a new rack-mounted electronic power steering system for improved control and overall steering feel. A modern multi-link rear suspension offers a smooth ride and creates opportunity to add the available Load-Leveling Rear Height Control Air Suspension and Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) for those looking to haul and tow whatever their heart desires. Since full-size SUVs need to do it all, towing is high on the list of most frequent demands. That’s why the all-new Sequoia offers up to an impressive 4,080 kg (9,000-pound) maximum towing capacity, a nearly 22% increase over the prior generation. If you’re someone who’s intimidated by the thought of towing, do not worry! Towing becomes a less daunting task thanks to impressive technology available on the Sequoia. The available Tow Tech Package, available on offers a suite of features that include Trailer Backup Guide to aid in backing up the SUV with a trailer, and Straight Path Assist which helps provide steering control to keep the trailer straight on its intended path when backing up.
Moving into the interior of the vehicle, the three-row SUV offers a range of configurations for seating and cargo. Depending upon the grade, second-row passengers get bench seating or captain’s chairs, which both recline for passenger comfort or fold down/tumble forward if larger cargo space is needed. The third-row passengers’ benefit from a spacious reclining backseat with available power folding, but the third row also gets one of the most noteworthy new features on Sequoia. The exclusive Sliding Third Row with Adjustable Cargo Shelf System is the first like it in the SUV segment. It allows the third row to slide with up to 150 mm (6 inches) of adjustment range. The third row can also fold down to complement the different storage positions of the new Adjustable Cargo Shelf System which includes a removeable shelf that can be set in a variety of storage positions depending upon the situation. The Cargo Shelf System is designed to offer the ultimate flexibility in rear cargo and storage needs. All Sequoia models will also be fitted with the new multimedia system first launched in Tundra. It is headlined by large 8-inch or available 14-inch touchscreen that controls the all-new Toyota Multimedia system designed and engineered by Toyota’s Connected Technologies team. The Toyota Multimedia system offers an improved user experience through sight, touch, and voice. With Intelligent Assistant available through Drive Connect*, simple phrases like “Hey Toyota” awaken the system for natural language commands to search for directions, find Google POIs, check the weather and more. The native Cloud Navigation system, also offered through Drive Connect, supports real-time traffic, dynamic route suggestions and is powered by Google POI data to ensure up-to-date search capability. Toyota Multimedia supports standard wireless Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto compatibility as well as dual Bluetooth phone pairing.
The view around this stunning SUV is improved as well due to Sequoia’s plethora of cameras, displaying multiple exterior angles that are viewable from the available 14-inch touchscreen or the available digital display rearview mirror. Those trailering will appreciate Panoramic View Monitor, which displays a top-down view of the SUV and the area around it. Options include a rear split view to show what’s nearby on each side of the trailer, and a hitch view to assist with trailer connecting. For the first time on Sequoia, factory available power folding, extending and retracting tow mirrors can provide added peace of mind when pulling a trailer.
At surface level, the “Sequoia” name is fitting for this large SUV because of its sheer size. Peeling back the meaning of the name a little bit more, the species of tree is not only the largest in the world but it’s also one of the strongest and most stout, known for its longevity with some being nearly 2,000 years old. Seeing the forest for the trees, the “Sequoia” name for Toyota’s largest SUV represents its stature in addition to its long-lasting quality, durability, and reliability. The all-new 2023 Toyota Sequoia is projected to be available in summer of 2022.

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