Benefits of Swapping Tires Between Seasons

April 20th, 2021 by

Everyone that has lived in Edmonton for a good while knows that the winters are long and the summers are much too short (with spring and fall being pretty much non-existent). Some might think that by having only one set of tires, be it all-seasons or winters will suffice all year round. In reality, these tires were built for specific conditions, and perform best under those conditions.

By running winter tires in the summer you run the risk premature wear and damage to your winter tires, which can cause failures and blowouts which can leave you stranded. Winter tires are made of a much softer rubber compound that is suitable for colder temperatures, by using these tires in warmer weather the compound heats up quicker, causing wear and potential damage. In addition to this, winter tires are made with tread that is meant to grip in icy and snowy conditions. When this tread wears in warmer weather it can cause an abnormal pattern in the tread, causing noise and vibrations. In addition to the potential damage to the tires from using winter tires in the summer, the tires can cause an unpleasant driving experience and potentially problems to the car with continuous vibration to the suspension and bearings.

Some might think that running all seasons would be sufficient, but with how drastic the weather changes in the Alberta area, all seasons just don’t cut it when there is heavy snowfall. While all season tires offer some traction in light snow, they just aren’t designed for the heavy snowfall, ice and cold weather that we often experience in Edmonton. Being made of a harder compound that fairs better in warm weather, these tires become harder and less flexible in cold weather, causing performance, slipping and stopping issues. No one wants to slide into an intersection or cause an accident because your car couldn’t stop in a safe distance due to the tires.

While changing your tires twice a year might be inconvenient, by swapping your tires you can potentially save you the hassle of extra repairs and replacement tires, while giving you peace of mind and confidence that your vehicle can drive and stop in inclement weather. So don’t wait! The warmer weather has finally hit Edmonton, St. Albert and area, get your tires swapped for the summer by scheduling an appointment here or by giving us a call!


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