Two Safety Features in This Year’s Toyota Highlander

The team here at Toyota Northwest Edmonton like to pass along important information concerning features in our new inventory. Safety systems in the 2019 Toyota Highlander midsize SUV are not only helping to keep drivers safe, they are making the roadways safer for all motorists as well.

Working to reduce any instances of a collision on the highway, your Toyota Highlander has the Pre-Collision Assist system always monitoring your driving activity. If the radars detect a collision-risk, warnings will flash to alert you to slow and then the brakes will begin to pre-charge to slow your vehicle.

The Cross-Traffic Alert feature in the new Toyota Highlander was meant to help a driver to be able to identify if another vehicle could be moving into the path of your car. If so, you will receive a series of different alerts that get your attention and give you the chance to proceed more cautiously.



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