Know Your Tire's Size Before Making a Purchase

Know Your Tire's Size Before Making a Purchase

Choosing to purchase new tires is a complex process when you're unsure of the specifications.

The first thing that you want to be aware of is that the "P" listed on the tire stands for passenger tire. The three-digit number after that is the tire width, and the two-digit number following the width refers to the aspect ratio for the height of the tire's sidewall. You also want to be aware of the tire's speed rating, which is directly after the tire's height and determines the mph rating for that specific tire. The letter "R" for radial is found on passenger tires, which is located directly before the wheel diameter size. The diameter size represents the wheel that the tire will only fit.

This information will help you when deciding on your next tire purchase. However, feel free to contact our team here at Toyota Northwest Edmontons for additional assistance.

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