Salt Isn't Always The Best Way To Deal With Slippery Surfaces

Salt Isn't Always The Best Way To Deal With Slippery Surfaces

Salt is often dumped on roads and sometimes on driveways in the wintertime because it can be quite strong and give your vehicle a lot of grip when the surface is slippery, especially when used in large quantities. But it's not always the best option and here's why:

1. It's the most expensive and also in the most demand, so store shelves can sell out quickly in the wintertime
2. It's also corrosive and shouldn't be stored in the trunk in case it spills, and driving over it too much can rust out your vehicle
3. It can also hurt vegetation

Why Sand And Kitty Litter?

Sand is probably the best substance to put on large surfaces such as the driveway because it's the least expensive, and it also can provide traction without corrosion and damage to vegetation. Kitty litter can sometimes be used when you're driving and get stuck because you can store it in your trunk and it can provide a quick grip on the surface. It shouldn't be dumped all over the driveway because it can absorb water and cause even more slipperiness.

When it's time to get ready for winter, you can count on our dealership to look at your vehicle and make sure it can handle rough weather. At Toyota Northwest Edmonton, we'll make sure you have the right tires, have the proper fluid levels and give you other pointers when you visit us. Call or come to our location in Edmonton whenever we're open.

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