Toyota Announces a Recall on Some of Their Hybrid Vehicles

Toyota Announces a Recall on Some of Their Hybrid Vehicles

In a news release this month, Toyota has announced that it will recall some of their Prius vehicles in Canada due to an engine wire harness issue, which has the potential to cause damage to the vehicle.

We are aware that this news may cause some of our customers some confusion as they try to figure out if their vehicle has been recalled, and if so, what they need to do about it. Luckily, we have all of the details of this recent recall to help ensure that everyone understands the proper procedures more clearly.

What Toyota Vehicles are Being Recalled?

In Canada, there are only about 7,200 cars that are being recalled. This recall only affects the Prius models that were manufactured between June 2015 through May 2018 (2016-2018 model years). There is a global recall that includes the C-HR, but so far, that issue seems to be isolated in Japan, Europe, and other regions.

The Reason Behind the Recall

According to the Toyota manufacturers in Japan, they have recently been made aware of a problem involving the engine wire harness that is connected to the Power Control Unit on the hybrid vehicle. There is a chance that a portion of that wire harness could gradually wear down over time, leaving an exposed wire and causing an electrical short circuit. This could cause the wire to rapidly generate heat and even has the potential to cause the vehicle to start smoking or even catch fire.

What To Do if You Think That Your Vehicle Might be Affected by This Recall

If you feel that you own a Toyota Prius that was made between June 2015 and May of 2018, then you can take it to your local Toyota service department where they will inspect and fix any exposed wires from the engine wire harness at no cost to you.

Toyota NorthwestEdmonton is Here to Help

If you are not sure if your vehicle is part of the Canadian recall, you can bring it down to Toyota Northwest Edmonton. Our friendly staff would be happy to look and see if your Prius is part of the recall. If it is, we have a knowledgeable and experienced service department that will look and determine whether your vehicle needs to have the engine wire harness replaced with a new sleeve, or if it only needs a layer of protective tape placed on the non-exposed wire assembly system. Come by and see us today and let us put your mind at ease.

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