Hot Hatch Performance in the Toyota Corolla Hatchback

August 5th, 2019 by

The Toyota Corolla hatchback is a fast and fun compact hatchback. It is made for zooming around town while getting great gas mileage. Our team in Edmonton loves the energetic styling of the Corolla hatchback, and they think it matches the personality of the car well.

When you get into the Corolla hatchback the first thing you notice is the leather-trimmed sport seats. These seats have plenty of side bolstering to keep you steady around tight corners and provide excellent support to keep you sitting in an ergonomic position. The next thing you notice is the six-speed manual transmission. When you see a manual transmission in a hatchback you know that this car is all about having fun. The transmission is equipped with a rev-matching function to help you get the perfect downshift blips every time. The transmission is also geared for acceleration in the lower gears and for efficiency in the upper gears giving you the best of both worlds.

If you want to take the Corolla hatchback out for a spin, visit Toyota Northwest Edmonton. You will have a blast tearing up some backroads in this hot hatch.

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