Learning About Infotainment Systems

May 24th, 2019 by

An infotainment system refers to all of the dashboard display areas in your car or truck that allow you to control the radio, navigation system, any video screens or other entertainment. It is basically a mix of information and entertainment functions within your car.

Although every manufacturer does something different for its infotainment system, there are many similarities in basic functions. Newer models of cars typically have their own GPS system built into their infotainment systems, but the introduction of smart technology in vehicles is changing the game. Many drivers now prefer to use the basic functions of their smartphones through either Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. They find the functionality more intuitive and enjoy being able to control their smartphones with only their voices instead of having to use their hands. This also helps them comply with many states’ laws.

Toyota Northwest Edmonton in Edmonton, AB has an inventory of many different infotainment system options.

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