Natural or Synthetic: Which Car Wax Will You Choose?

June 3rd, 2019 by

Some of the car enthusiasts that hang around Toyota Northwest Edmonton love to debate what kind of car wax is the best. If you’re a more casual driver, then wonder why the type of wax you choose is so important. Aren’t all car waxes created equally? What is car wax for that matter?

As the name suggests, car wax is very literally wax that’s been fine-tuned to coat the exterior of your vehicle. This helps it provide a protective layer that keeps out the harmful rays of the sun while also allowing water to just bead right off it, which is great considering some of the weather we get in Edmonton, AB. A finely waxed car is so resistant to water that a mechanic can actually dry it with the stream from a hose!

Natural wax looks great, but it has to be replaced every four months or so. Synthetic wax lasts a whole year or possibly longer, but it doesn’t offer the same kind of sheen.

Considering that you’ll have to rewax your vehicle periodically anyway, you might want to experiment before you pick one product over another!

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