Our Fleet Program


Your business deserves the best!

That’s why at Toyota Northwest Edmonton, we have dedicated fleet program designed to get you the most value for your fleet for years to come. We know that fleet vehicles are a big investment, and you want to ensure that you’re making the right decision, so let us run you through some of the reasons that Toyota Northwest Edmonton is your one stop fleet shop.

What makes Toyota vehicles the perfect choice for your business?

For starters, they last. Over 85% of Toyotas sold in the past 20 years are still on the road today, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your investments will last. And not only do they have longevity, but they also retain more resale value than just about any other brand, Toyota even won the 2018 Canadian Black Book Best Retained Value award! So, we’ve established the renowned reliability, but what about the features and driving experience? Good news – things might just be better in this department! With Toyota Safety Sense coming standard on virtually all models, you can be sure that anyone driving the vehicles will be as safe as possible. And the cabins? Filled with creature comforts, even on base level models, so you can ensure that drivers are comfortable whether it’s a fifteen-minute jaunt, or a long-haul trip. Speaking of long-haul trips, you’ll save more on gas with Toyota’s incredible fuel efficiency – and that adds up when you’re talking about multiple vehicles over many years. Toyota also offers more hybrid options than any other manufacturer, so if you’re looking for the future of clean, efficient fleet vehicles, look no further than Toyota.

What sets Toyota Northwest Edmonton apart as a fleet dealer?

The size of our dealership and inventory means you’ll be able to get the vehicles you’re looking for without having to wait. It also means that anytime any of your vehicles need to be serviced, you can be sure that our massive service center will fit you in right away. We also have a member of our team specifically designated to our fleet program, meaning contact will be streamlined without any middleman, and there will be consistency with you work with, making it easier to build an established relationship.

Any questions or comments regarding our fleet program?

Contact our Lease, Loyalty, and Fleet Manager, Ian McInnes, with any questions or comments regarding our fleet program at imcinnes@toyotanorthwestedmonton.com, or (780)-913-3656.