Toyota Lease Advantage

Take advantage of our full encompassing lease program at Toyota Northwest Edmonton. We have tailored this program to provide the maximum benefit to those who are looking to lease a New Toyota Vehicle in Edmonton. As mentioned above our key benefits include:

  • Smaller Obligation
  • Guaranteed Future Value
  • Options, not long-term obligations
  • Benefits of ownership with none of the risk
  • More control over vehicle costs

Toyota Northwest Edmonton offers the Toyota Lease Advantage leasing program. Now leasing a Toyota is even more of a value.

Toyota Lease Advantage

You probably already know that Toyota offers the best value for your automotive dollar. Now, with the Toyota Lease Advantage program available here at Toyota Northwest Edmonton, leasing a new Toyota from us is an even better bargain than ever. The Toyota Lease Advantage program essentially guarantees that you'll experience no extra expenses over the course of your lease.

Smaller Obligation

  • Don't pay upfront taxes on the entire vehicle, just on the monthly payment
  • Longer term loans typically result in negative equity
  • You only pay for the portion of the vehicle that you actually use
Guaranteed Future Value
  • Toyota guarantees the future value of your vehicle at lease end

Options, not long-term obligations

You have three great options based on the guaranteed future value:

  1. Purchase the vehicle at the guaranteed future value
  2. Return the vehicle as provided in the lease
  3. Lease or finance another Toyota vehicle

Benefits of ownership with none of the risk

  • A lease protects your from loss in the vehicle value due to unforeseen price influences (economic conditions, accident declarations and market conditions)
  • A lease gives you equity above the guaranteed future value
  • The ability to have the newest features - including enhanced safety and technology

More control over vehicle costs

  • Let Toyota take the risk of depreciation in excess of the guaranteed future value
  • Always drive a new vehicle under manufacturer's warranty, and avoid long term maintenance
  • Toyota leases automatically include GAP Protection - if your vehicle is a total loss, Toyota will cover the difference between what you owe on the lease and the amount of your insurance settlement (closed end).
  • Protect yourself against unexpected excess wear and tear charges on your leased vehicle with the Wear Pass plan.