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How Do Brakes Work?

The braking system in a vehicle is a relatively simple process, consisting of several key components to make the whole thing work. When you put your foot on a brake pedal, it uses a power booster to transfer force to your vehicle's master cylinder, which then forces brake fluid through lines to wheel cylinders, or calipers. The caliper squeezes the rotor between the inner and outer brake pads, allowing the vehicle to decelerate. In this process your brake pads slowly wear down every time they are used, and over a longer period of time your calipers and rotors will also wear down. Making sure all the parts in your braking system are in good enough health to function properly is vital to ensure your vehicle's safety.

How to Check Your Brakes

The modern vehicle has several ways of alerting a driver to a problem with the brakes. In most vehicles the brake dashboard light will glow amber or red if there is anything wrong with the brakes. However, even if there is no warning light on and you notice anything unusual such as squealing or grinding noises coming from your wheels, or a spongy response when applying your foot on the brake pedal, it is best to bring your vehicle in for inspection and servicing rather than to leave anything to chance. Brakes wear down naturally over time and need to be checked periodically to ensure there is nothing wrong with them.

Book a Service Appointment at Kingsway Toyota

Your vehicle's braking system has the utmost important task of bringing your vehicle to a comfortable or even sudden stop whenever you need. This is especially important in Edmonton when the roads can get icy during the winter or wet any other time of the year. Over time brakes wear down and need servicing to keep them functioning well - it really is one of the easiest ways to keep you and your passengers safe in your car at all times.

Our expert Service Technicians will make sure your brakes are operating exactly as they should, all you need to do is book a Service Appointment. Get your Brake Service today at Kingsway Toyota in Edmonton, AB.


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