Structure Your Deal Online!

Structure your car deal using our online Digital Retailing platform - exclusive to Toyota Northwest Edmonton! You can now personalize your payments, prequalify for credit, and apply for Financing without walking into the store.

Skip the paperwork!

Come to the dealership prepared with these time saving tools:

Personalize Payments

Prequalify for Credit

Apply for Credit

  • Have the ability to structure payments at your own means. Including the terms, rates and payment frequency so you can find a deal for you.
  • It also allows the ability to incorporate a down payment or trade in for your current vehicle.
  • Data provided by Canadian Black Book.
  • Using this feature will save you up to an hour at the dealership.
  • Get full disclosure on your credit situation by filling this application while at home.
  • Explore available options based on your credit history.
  • Using this feature will save you over 50 minutes at the dealership.
  • Submit the full details for a finance application at the comfort of your own home.
  • Didn’t fill out every single field? Not a problem. Fill out as much as you want/can and visit the dealership to continue right where you left off.
  • Using this feature will save you over 50 minutes at the dealership.

Passive Safety: From airbags to seatbelts to impact-absorbing body structures that channel impact energy away from the cabin, Toyota vehicles are loaded with passive safety measures. We’ve even specially designed our headrests and driver and front passenger seats to help reduce impact effects such as whiplash.

Get Started Today!

Toyota Northwest Edmonton are one of the first dealerships in the Edmonton area to provide this service to car buyers. Press the structure my deal button while viewing your car of choice to get started.