Remote Starter – No More Freezing Car!

December 17th, 2020 by

Winter has finally arrived in Alberta – and from the looks of it, the cold and snowy weather is here to stay. Even the most seasoned of Edmontonians seek a way to minimize the amount of time they find themselves in the cold and snow. A remote starter from Toyota Northwest Edmonton may be your answer this season. There are numerous benefits of having a remote starter – that are even more apparent in Edmonton.

Comfortable Drive
No one wants to sit in a freezing cold car first thing in the morning after it has been outside in the freezing cold over night, or after sitting in a parking lot all day while you’re at the office. By using a remote starter you can start your vehicle – and allow the heating system to warm up the inside of your vehicle from the comfort of your home or office, making a more comfortable ride for you and your passengers. On the flip side, in some cases you are also able to have the remote starter start the air conditioner on those rare sweltering hot days, the same way you would start the heater on a cold day. Some remote starters have extended range, so it doesn’t matter whether your car is all the way down the street or if you’re high above in your office, your remote starter can start your car and be ready for you when you are.

Safer Drive
A warm car definitely helps with the comfort of the driver, but did you know it can also be safer? By turning on the heater the heat from the inside of the vehicle helps melt the ice on the windshield, so you don’t have to drive peering through a hole in the frost that you scraped away using an old credit card – significantly increasing visibility. You are also able to program your exterior vehicle lights to turn on as well, causing the heat from the lights to melt the snow that may have accumulated on your lights, helping other drivers see your vehicle and intentions.

Warm Engine
Cold temperatures effect your vehicle’s engine, and the oil that lubricates all the moving parts within the engine. By starting your vehicle and letting it warm up you break apart the ice that may have accumulated on the engine from hours of sitting in the freezing cold, but more importantly it allows the oil to circulate and warm up, allowing it to reach optimal viscosity and operating temperature. Driving your vehicle hard as soon as you start the vehicle after a long cold night can cause damage to your engine, resulting in costly repairs

Better for Environment and More Secure
Your remote starter can be programed to turn off after a specific amount of time – allowing your vehicle to only idle for the length of time needed to have it reach operating temperatures. Instead of turning on your car and leaving the key in the ignition while it warms up, by using a remote start your key remains with you, and the doors remain locked – securing your vehicle and the items inside while it warms up.

There are many benefits to a remote starter – that are even more apparent for Canadians! Get your Toyota Remote Start+ or aftermarket remote starter today at Toyota Northwest Edmonton!

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