Toyota Slots #6 On Forbes Halo 100 List

December 16th, 2021 by

Toyota has been named to the Forbes 100 List as #6 overall, and 1st among all auto manufacturers/brands. The Forbes Halo 100 is a list of companies from around the world that consumers hold in high esteem. In order for a company to make the list, they must meet the following criteria:

“To qualify for inclusion on the list, a company had to have a business unit be selected for review by over 1,000 customers during the last 12 months without prompting. A company cannot be recognized more than once on the Forbes Halo 100. If it has multiple business units that qualify, placement in the ranking is determined by its brand that is most highly ranked.” (Forbes 2021)

Consumers are presented with a list of more than 2000 brands that are eligible for the Halo 100. From that list, they are asked to select only 75 that are the most important to them, and have provided them with the most positive customer experience. The respondents surveyed to come up with the list of companies that ultimately make the Halo 100 list are from a range of different backgrounds and ethnicities. This allows for the Halo 100 list to encapsulate a range of different opinions to properly reflect all consumers.

The two most important metrics in evaluating and comparing companies are: 1: Customer Satisfaction, and 2: Brand Values/Trust.

“Customer Satisfaction (“CSAT”) is measured through a standard question that utilizes a 5-point scale. Participants have the option to rank from 1 (Very Dissatisfied) – 5 (Very Satisfied). Individual scores for each business are aggregated to create the score. In order to accommodate for different feedback volumes across the companies, HundredX uses a Bayesian approach (which lets researchers combine prior information with the data on hand to get a fuller and more accurate picture).” (Forbes 2021)

Following only Costco, In-And-Out Burger, Chick-Fil-A, Publix Super Markets, and Trader Joes, Toyota has an outstanding reputation amongst consumers in terms of product quality, product performance, customer satisfaction, and brand trust.

“In terms of demographics, Toyota outperformed other car brands in every age group other than people in their 30s… The car company also did well with consumers of color. While 97% of all consumers said Toyota addresses consumer’s needs, so did 88% African American and Black respondents, 94% of Hispanic and Latino respondents and 97% of Asian respondents. (For reference, around 40% of the 110,000 consumers surveyed by HundredX identified as people of color.)” (Forbes 2021)

This is an outstanding honor to be named to this list, and we aim to uphold Toyota’s pristine legacy as we continue to serve our customers, and provide them with the highest quality vehicles.


You can read more about the Halo 100, and all the other companies featured on the Forbes Website:

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