Toyota Supra: The History of an Iconic Sports Car

February 17th, 2021 by

Nowadays, the Toyota Supra is regarded as one of the most iconic Japanese sports cars ever, with appearances in TV shows and movies and commonly gracing the covers of tuner magazines around the world.

Despite this, the Toyota Supra didn’t debut as the powerful sports car with superior handling that we know today. The Toyota Supra started off as as a version of the 1979-1981 Toyota Celica hatchback with a paltry 110-116HP and a 0-60 mph of 10.2 seconds, the first generation Celica Supra left a lot to be desired in the speed department. To improve suspension, Toyota added an option for a Sport Suspension, but one wouldn’t confuse the first generation Celica Supra as a Porsche.

The second generation was still a part of the Celica nameplate and was still a hatchback, but with styling updated with the iconic wedge shape and a sloping hood with pop-up headlights that we adore. Engine power was increased in the second generation/ Now powered by a dual-overhead-cam 2.8L inline 6, the 2nd generation Celica Supra output 145 hp and 155 lb-ft of torque, with a 0-60 mph of 8.8 seconds. The second generation Celica Supra was deemed a success and the base was finally set for the Supra’s foray into sports car territory.

Skipping to the fourth generation Supra, the Supra was finally it’s own nameplate, splitting off from the Celica, and ready to take the Japanese sports car throne. The fourth generation Supra moved up market, with a higher base price than ever before, but with increased power, handling and options as a coupe or a Sport Roof Targa, the price increase was well warranted. Powered by the now legendary 2Jz inline-6 that made 220 hp in base form and 320 hp with sequential spooling twin turbos hooked up to it, dropping the 0-60 time to 4.6 seconds for the turbo, making the Supra quicker than most sports cars in the class. Beloved for it’s performance, styling, and aftermarket modification capabilities, the fourth generation Supra cemented the Supra’s legacy as the pinnacle in Japanese sports car manufacturing.

Finally, with the long-awaited fifth generation GR Supra, Toyota aims to maintain the legendary standards set by the fourth generation. The fifth generation Toyota GR Supra continues the legacy of providing unadulterated sports car fun and handling, along with an eye catching design. The GR Supra is perfectly balanced, providing peak handling capabilities, with power bumped up to 382 Horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque from from a turbocharged 3.0L engine, the GR Supra sprints from 0-60 in 3.9 seconds. The GR Supra is already carving out it’s spot in the modern Japanese sports car segment, and is bound to be a crowd favourite for years to come.

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