Toyota Tops The 2020 Best Retained Value Awards

February 10th, 2020 by

It is a well-known fact that as soon as you drive your brand-new vehicle off the dealership lot it begins to depreciate in value. Year after year Toyota defies this inevitability with the lineup of vehicles that are reliable, dependable, low-maintenance and durable. Canadian Black Book released a list of top-performing vehicles that best retained their value over a four-year period. Toyota snagged the overall top brand in the categories of car, truck, and crossover/SUV, dominating the list with models in each category.

A Line-Up Of Vehicles That Lasts

From sub-compact models Prius C and Yaris all the way up to the Sequoia full-size crossover/SUV, Toyota reigns in retained value. Corolla, Camry, Avalon, Sienna, Tacoma, 4Runner, Highlander, RAV4 and Sequoia all placed prominently in CBB’s list.

Overall brand awards went to Toyota in the categories of car, truck and crossover/SUV. The following table shows where each model placed in value retention over a four-year span.

 First Place Second Place Third Place
Sub-Compact Car XToyota Prius C Toyota Yaris
Compact Car Toyota Prius V Toyota Prius Toyota Corolla
Mid-Size Car XToyota Camry X
Full-Size Car Toyota Avalon XX
MinivanToyota Sienna XX
Small Pickup Toyota Tacoma XX
Compact Crossover XXToyota RAV4
Mid-Size Crossover Toyota 4Runner Toyota Highlander X
Full-Size Crossover Toyota Sequoia XX

Toyota Put The Brakes On Inevitable Depreciation

As of 2020, the Toyota Tacoma small pickup truck ranked the highest residual value with an average of 77-percent value retention of its price when it was new in 2016. This makes the 11th straight year that the Tacoma has snapped up the top spot for Best Small Pickup Truck. Known for its quality, reliability and durability, this virtually indestructible truck knocks out larger, more efficient trucks on the market today.

Reputation Built On Toyota’s Quality And Reliability

From its inception, Toyota set out to build its vehicles with exceptional quality control and in turn, long-lasting reliability. They continue to manufacture their models following this mantra and awards such as this list of Canadian Black Book Best Retained Value vehicles proves they are delivering on their mission statement.

It’s Time To Invest Wisely In A New Toyota

When it comes to purchasing a new vehicle, making an educated choice from the date of purchase can aid you in the long run. Buying a Toyota gives you a marked advantage by delivering a low-maintenance, reliable vehicle that will considerably retain a sizeable portion of its value over a given period of time. Let Toyota Northwest Edmonton help you find the right Toyota to fit not only your long-term financial needs but your lifestyle demands as well.

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