Toyota’s Legendary Hybrid System

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Toyota vehicles’ have a reputation built on quality, durability, and reliability. The long list of Toyota Hybrids is no exception to this, if anything they are a huge reason why Toyota vehicles are so much more reliable than other manufacturers. Toyota is a pioneer in the Hybrid Vehicle segment and has decades of experience building highly efficient Hybrid powerplants, starting with the Toyota Prius in 1997. The Toyota Prius was a hit with the masses, and Toyota committed to providing the world with a more fuel efficient alternative to the traditional gasoline burning engine. The popularity of the Prius, Venza, RAV4 Hybrid, RAV4 Prime, and Highlander Hybrid are enhanced due to the reliability of the vehicles. Why exactly is Toyota Hybrids more reliable than other brands’ vehicles? That reliability is in no small part due to what Toyota got rid of.

Toyota Hybrid Transmissions
Many of the new Toyota Hybrid vehicles don’t rely on conventional geared transmissions or even the belt-driven CVTs. Rather Toyota uses a unique method of transferring the engine’s power to the wheels, with no fluid changes required in normal use!

No Starter, No Alternator
Rather than using a conventional starter motor the engine is started by Toyota’s motor-generator – which has proven to be extremely reliable over the years! Toyota hybrids also don’t use alternators. Alternators are notorious for failing in many brands and with less moving parts, the DC to DC converters used by Toyota Hybrids are much more durable.

No Timing Belt
A timing belt can wear over time and can begin to dry and crack or slip, requiring a timing belt service which can cost up to $1000! Toyota Hybrids use timing chains which are much more durable and require significantly less servicing.

No Accessory Belt
The water pump is electric in Toyota Hybrids, which means there is no need to have an accessory belt, saving on belt maintenance again.

By reducing the amount of parts that could fail, Toyota has created a reliable system that reduces the hassle and expense in repairing a traditional combustion engine – while also saving on gasoline expenses!

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