Toyota’s Sports Car Heritage

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Toyota isn’t just known for making some of the most reliable and economical vehicles around. Toyota has also released some of the best and most iconic sports cars throughout the years. We’ll go through some of the most celebrated of these sports cars here!

Toyota 2000GT
Starting with probably one of the rarest Toyota sports cars ever. The Toyota 2000GT was Japan’s first supercar and was famously known for being a Bond car in the 1967 Bond movie, You Only Live Twice. Packing a 150HP 2L inline-6 engine, the 2000GT powers to a max speed of 220km/h. Many of Toyota’s sports cars coming after will draw inspiration from this vehicle. With only 337 regular production units made, these Toyota 2000GTs are definitely one of the rarest and most awe-inspiring of the Toyota sports cars.

Toyota Celica
The Toyota Celica was built to be an affordable sports car that anyone can drive, which explains why there are so many examples of them still on our roads today, despite the last generation of Celica being discontinued almost 15 years ago in 2006. With 7 generations of the Toyota Celica being produced and the first generation lauded as “baby Mustang’s”, the Toyota Celica had great success in motorsports, while also being the perfect daily grocery getter with it’s liftback.

Toyota Supra
The Toyota Supra is probably the most iconic of Toyota sports cars. Being produced beginning in 1978, the Supra branched off from the Celica nameplate and paved it’s own way to sports car fame. Several generations of the Supra were produced, with the 4th generation being the most iconic in recent times due to it’s appearance in racing movie franchise, Fast and the Furious. The MK4 Supra is now the pinnacle of JDM tuner culture, with many of the twin turbo inline-6 variants selling for many times the original MSRP. Now on the 5th generation, the new Toyota GR Supra is back to take the JDM Sports Car crown. With many new safety features and while retaining the driving dynamics of Supras of past, the GR Supra is the perfect fusion of history and future.

We’re missing some notable nameplates like the Toyota MR2, and AE86 Levin Corolla but that doesn’t mean they have a massive spot in Toyota’s sports heritage!
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