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Unfortunately, accidents do happen.

Your safety is the first priority. If your vehicle can’t be driven, you have options.

If your Toyota is within the 3 year, 60,000 km basic vehicle warranty OR you have purchased ECP Roadside Assistance coverage,
Call 1-888-Toyota-8 (1-888-869-6828) for Toyota Roadside Assitance and an approved towing company will be dispatched free of charge.
If you’re not covered by these options, we invite you to call the Kingsway Toyota Collision Centre at 780-478-8300.

1. We will arrange an approved towing company for you on a customer pay basis.
2. Your insurance provider will reimburse the towing amount as part of your vehicle repair claim.

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Collision Info

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Once towing is arranged or if your vehicle is still driveable, contact your insurance company as soon as possible after the accident. They will direct you to take your vehicle to a body shop to obtain an estimate and/or perform the repair. Under no circumstances are you legally obligated to take your Toyota to any recommended shop. As the payer of the insurance premium, it is your right to choose the facility you want to repair your Toyota to its pre-collision standard.
By choosing the Kingsway Toyota Collision Centre:

  • Your vehicle will be restored to its pre-accident condition using Genuine Toyota Parts.
  • The actual repairs will be carried out by a Toyota Certified Collision Centre or a certified repair facility recommended by Toyota Northwest Edmonton that adheres to Toyota Canada’s repair parameters.


Unfortunately, accidents can happen. When they do, it is important to restore your vehicle, as much as possible, to its pre-accident condition. If your vehicle can’t be driven, your first challenge would be – What to do with the vehicle? If your Toyota is within the 3 yr./ 60,000 km. basic warranty or if you have purchased Roadside Assistance coverage you just need to call 1-888-TOYOTA8 (1-888-869-6828) and an approved towing company will be dispatched free of charge. Even if you are not covered by either of these options we invite you to call the 1-888-TOYOTA8 number and, as a courtesy to all Toyota owners, an approved towing company will be arranged on a customer-pay basis.

Next, contact your insurance company as soon as possible after the accident. Most insurance companies have designated repair facilities to carry out estimates or collision repairs and will direct you to one of those facilities. You might want to ask yourself “Will my vehicle be properly repaired at that facility?”

When you talk to your insurer, you should make it clear that:

  • You want your vehicle restored to its pre-accident condition using Genuine Toyota Collision
  • Repair Parts, no matter where its repaired
  • Repairs should be performed by a Toyota Certified Collision Centre or one recommended by Toyota
  • Whenever possible, your vehicle should be repaired by Toyota-trained technicians

Knowledge is your Best Insurance

Should you be involved in a collision, the following information will assist you when reporting the details of the accident to the police and in your communications with your insurance company.

Stay calm

  • Make sure no one is injured. If there are injuries, call for emergency assistance immediately.

Report the Accident Immediately

  • Make sure no one is injured. If there are injuries, call for emergency assistance immediately.

Make a Sketch of the Accident Site

  • A sketch of the site showing the position of all vehicles and people involved will help when reporting details of the accident.
  • Use your cell phone or digital camera to take photos which are a great help when trying to explain the circumstances of the accident.

Exchange Information

  • Get appropriate information (name, address, phone, insurance etc.) from all parties involved – including witnesses.

Don’t Sign a Tow Authorization

  • Your vehicle may be covered for Roadside Assistance (see explanation page 1, Your Rights as a Toyota owner) in either case, an authorized tow can be arranged. Simply call 1‑888‑TOYOTA8 (1‑888‑869‑6828). For additional information on Roadside Assistance

Know Your Rights

  • Contact your insurance company as soon as possible after the accident. Your insurance company may wish to direct you to a body shop they use to obtain a repair estimate. You do not have to accept this facility to repair your vehicle.
  • Make sure your insurance company knows that you expect the repair to be carried out using Genuine Toyota Collision Parts.
  • Make sure your insurance company knows that you expect your Toyota to be restored to its pre-accident condition at Kingsway Toyota’s Collision Centre.

Since model year 2000, all Toyota vehicles, as part of their Basic Warranty Coverage (3yr./60,000km.) have Emergency Roadside assistance included. Simply call 1‑888‑TOYOTA8 and help is on the way.

If you have purchased Emergency Roadside Assistance you are also covered for towing from an accident by calling 1‑888‑TOYOTA8.

Both protection packages provide towing to your preferred Toyota Dealer within 50km. or the closest Toyota Dealer within 300km. A second tow will be provided, if necessary, to an Accident Reporting Centre.

As an added service to all Toyota owners who may not be covered for Roadside Assistance, but find themselves in need of assistance from an accident scene, a call to 1‑888‑TOYOTA8 will result in an approved towing company being provided on a customer pay basis.

To obtain additional information regarding the benefits available to you when you purchase Roadside Assistance please click on this link or talk to the team at Toyota on the Park.

Your Toyota vehicle has been manufactured to Toyota’s world standard of quality. All materials were specifically chosen for their superior performance. Every part has been manufactured for a precision fit. All components have been thoroughly engineered and tested to ensure their durability, fit, reliability and appearance meet Toyota’s world standard for quality.As well, Genuine Toyota Parts are inventoried, supplied and warranted by a network of highly trained professionals: your Toyota Dealer and its staff. In addition, you have the confidence knowing that your Toyota Dealer is supported by one of the largest car companies in the world, Toyota Motor Corporation.

Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily true of non-OEM (original equipment manufacturers) parts, commonly referred to as “aftermarket parts” , “imitation parts”. “Aftermarket” or “imitation parts” are “new parts” made and supplied by someone else other than the manufacturer of your vehicle. The term “like kind and quality” is another common one in the industry and is used to describe salvage, rebuilt or recycled parts. Their use can affect your vehicle’s warranty and value because these parts generally do not meet Toyota’s world standard of safety and quality. As well: inventory, supply, trained professional service and warranty of the parts is sporadic at best.

Furthermore, the use of these parts may have an adverse effect on how long your vehicle will be tied up in the repair shop. Basically, the longer it takes to source and deliver your parts the greater the amount of time the actual repair will take. This translates into a longer time that you would be without your Toyota (a bigger inconvenience to you). As well, your Toyota vehicle’s warranty may be impacted. Finally, the overall value of your vehicle may be diminished. Make sure these things do not happen. Insist on Genuine Toyota Parts.

The more you know about the quality that goes into your Toyota and how valuable a high quality repair experience is, the more you’ll realize why only Toyota Genuine Parts can fully restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition.

Why you Should Insist on a Toyota Certified Collision Centre

The Toyota Experience: the part you can’t replace

Only Toyota Genuine Parts are manufactured to Toyota’s high standards of safety and quality. Toyota technicians have the necessary training and the knowledge of Toyota standards and construction techniques.

You insisted on quality when you bought your Toyota. Therefore, you should entrust the repair to the “quality” dealer that you know. Insist on a Toyota quality repair through a Toyota Dealer.

Many intangibles go in to your Toyota that make it the world standard for vehicle quality. You are wise to want your repair carried out by someone who you can trust with this level of quality. You can trust your Toyota Certified Collision Centre. Your Toyota Certified Collision Centre has an intricate knowledge of Toyota standards, construction techniques and the quality of customer service that a Toyota owner expects. A Toyota Certified Collision Centre is paramount to a proper, valuable, high quality repair experience.

Nobody knows your Toyota like a Toyota Certified Collision Centre.

  • Customer Service – takes care of YOU and your vehicle.
  • Technicians – nobody is in a better position to restore your vehicle to Toyota’s high quality standards.
  • Repair Facility – advanced equipment, clean and orderly facility, manufacturing specifications and a thorough understanding of how your Toyota is built.

As a company that sets the world standard for quality, Toyota is never satisfied with maintaining the status quo. This is why Toyota Canada has introduced the Toyota Certified Collision Centre. This program enables dealer Collision Centres, Dealer affiliated Collision Centres, their staff, managers, customer service personnel and technicians to be able to serve you at the level you expect as a Toyota owner.

The Toyota Certified Collision Centre program is similar to the Toyota Production process used in the factory to produce your Toyota. Based on the philosophy of continuous improvement, the program continually monitors the facilities equipment, work process, the technician’s skills and customer satisfaction. This, in turn, translates to a guaranteed quality repair, a high level of customer service and, most importantly gets you and your Toyota back on the road again with the least amount of inconvenience.

The Straight Goods

Close tolerance alignment and electronic measuring are used to restore a damaged Toyota body structure. Every body component contributes to overall vehicle rigidity, therefore, it is critical that repair and replacement are carried out with skill and precision. This ensures that the ‘whole body’ functions as it was originally designed: solid, silent and safe. Parts that are anything other than Toyota Genuine Parts may compromise this.

A Quiet Knowledge

Sound and vibration damping materials damaged during a collision are replaced in their proper locations, ensuring after repair factory level quietness.

Anticorrosion Takes a Professional Touch

Anticorrosion materials damaged during a collision are expertly reapplied to restore the quality of Toyota’s rust protection. When you couple this with Toyota Genuine Parts, your Toyota warranty will not be affected.

Finishing School

Having mixed and matched the paint to Toyota’s specifications, a highly trained technician expertly applies each coat, restoring the durable, high-quality Toyota paint finish. Therefore, you will never have to worry that the paint may not match. All Toyota Certified Collision Centres offer a comprehensive paint guarantee.

Keeping Your Toyota Like New

Once your vehicle has been professionally repaired and to keep your Toyota in like-new condition, why not take advantage of Toyota Touch cleaning and detailing products and services available only through your Toyota dealer.

For more information about Toyota Touch inquire about the details at Toyota on the Park.

Find a Toyota Certified Collision Centre

Mission Statement

Toyota Certified Collision Centres are a network of highly trained professional body and paint facilities. The facility at Toyota on the Park offers the highest standard within the industry, high standards that Toyota customers have come to expect.

What this Means

  • Enhanced operations – your vehicle back to you quicker with less inconvenience.
  • Facility, Staff and Process Consultation – Certified Collision Centre operations evaluated by the manufacturer / distributor ensure the highest levels of quality, service, technical capability, equipment and customer satisfaction.
  • Manufacturer information – technicians have access to and work to factory specifications.
  • Toyota Genuine Parts – recommended choice by Toyota.
  • Alternate Transportation – customer shuttle and / or assistance in meeting your replacement vehicle needs.
  • Fully Guaranteed Repairs – backed by your Toyota Certified Collision Centre.
  • Environmentally Responsible – facilities that are compliant with local environmental legislation.
  • Someone You Can Trust – your Toyota Dealer is familiar with you and your vehicle and wants to take care of you.

The Toyota Certified Collision Centre program ensures the highest standard of excellence for Toyota, Scion and Lexus customers and their Insurance Companies in Certified Collision Centres delivering a quality customer service experience.

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