Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive in Edmonton

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A lot has changed since 1997, but some things still hold true. Twenty years have passed since the Toyota Prius began a revolution in hybrid cars and Toyota remains at the forefront of the technology.

Toyota has sold 10 million hybrid vehicles in over 80 countries and still offers more hybrids than any other car maker.

Meanwhile, the evolution of hybrid vehicles has given rise to a powerful combination of performance, efficiency and low emissions from Toyota hybrids.

Hybrid Lineup

The Toyota lineup includes both hybrid cars and SUVs. Models available at Toyota Northwest Edmonton are:

  • Prius


  • Prius C

    Prius C

  • Prius V

    Prius V

  • Prius Prime

    Prius Prime

  • Camry Hybrid

    Camry Hybrid

  • Rav4 Hybrid

    Rav4 Hybrid

  • Highlander Hybrid

    Highlander Hybrid

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    View All Hybrid Inventory

How Hybrid Works

Toyota hybrids give you both power and powerfully efficient performance.

That's because Toyota's revolutionary Hybrid Synergy Drive can operate in electric-mode only, gas-mode only, or a seamless combination of the two. A power-split device and sophisticated energy management system constantly monitor driving conditions and seamlessly manage power flows. Regenerative braking helps the battery regain charge every time you decelerate, effectively recycling energy for later use. The result is fantastic fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance - a powertrain that's up to 70% cleaner than conventional gas engines and diesels.**

Starting Up

Accelerating and Cruising

Decelerating and Braking

Resting and Reversing

Starting Up

Press the power button, and go - quickly and silently. In most conditions, at vehicle start-up only the electric motor is engaged, saving fuel and delivering instant torque, while producing zero emissions.

Accelerating and Cruising

As your need for speed increases when merging, passing or maintaining highway speeds, the gas engine and electric motor team up to provide the ideal mix of mechanical and electrical power for smooth, seamless acceleration - all while maximizing fuel efficiency and minimizing emissions. Any excess energy created is used to help recharge the battery.

Decelerating and Braking

Take you foot off the accelerator or touch the brake pedal and the electric motor takes over - saving fuel and eliminating emissions. At the same time, the regenerative braking system kicks in, converting braking energy into electric energy to help recharge the battery.

Resting and Reversing

Come to a complete halt, and the gas engine shuts down completely - once again conserving fuel and limiting emissions. However, if the battery is running low, the gas engine intuitively starts up to provide recharging power. In reverse, and under normal circumstances, only the electric motor needs to be operational. The ability to selectively use electric-only power is one of the many reasons that Toyota hybrids are so clean and effecient.